The Water Path

A modern interpretation of ancestral method of care utilizing Water in all its forms:

  • Ofuro Kneipp – Ritual Bath: a new dimension of wellness in a unique and charming place. A dream come true today. Living the ancient ritual of Japanese bath while the temperature is changing in a unique and fascinating environment.
  • RISING VAPOUR - Thalaxoterm: water as a primeval element is transformed into a cloud of vapour which will envelop your body. Living a completely new and unique sensation.
  • Hydrolife: dipping into the water, rising oxygen and colours, for an endless sensation of relaxation and lightness, you will feel rocked and protected, then carried away into a new dimension. Pleasure and beneficial effects of hydrotherapy bath together to restore the natural harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. Micro-jets and lighting effects for a water massage: an intense sensation of wellness, energy and vitality. The action of water promotes body drainage and the skin is toned, smoothed and relaxed. To improve rheumatism, arthritis, gout, respiratory fatigue and insomnia.
  • TWIN SPA Thalatepee Suite with Cromotherapy and Musictherapy: a place for a couple or a single where you can dedicate yourself to a real journey into the world of wellbeing. An unforgettable experience to be lived in this prestigious suite through treatments for the purification of your mind and body, basing on the natural principles of water, air, fire and earth.


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